People from all backgrounds and areas of the community will be recruited with the sole objective of developing their skills and making them available to the people who really need help. No sports events, sports club, local community or school will be denied the knowledge and expertise these volunteers will bring.

I want to get involved, but how?

Getting involved couldn't be simpler, all you need to do is register your interest on this website with a few of your personal details to create your very own volunteer profile.

I've never volunteered before, can anyone do it?

Yes, anyone can volunteer, just sign up and you're reay to go. You can do as much or as little as you like, we will try to fit it around your life. Volunteering is just as much about enjoying yourself as helping others, so we want to make sure the expereince is as comfortable for you as possible.

Do I need any specific skills?

Anyone can take part who are 16 and over, you don't need any skills or qualifications to begin volunteering. However, if you have any qualifications / experience already, please let us know. Some of the more specialised placements require some form of qualifications / experience and we can find one to suit you.

Ok, I'm thinking of signing up, what can I do?

There are so many different opportunities, whether it's sports events in Salford, coaching in a local sports club, officiating, administration or cultural opportunities. This is your opportunity to give something back to the people in your community and gain valuable experience in the process. So what's stopping you, our team are waiting to hear from you today.